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Izintaba Crocodile Farm - Since 1965

Izintaba Crocodile Farm

Izintaba Crocodile Farm Pty.Ltd was founded in 1965. Izintaba Crocodile Farm is conveniently situated near Pretoria – is one of the largest and oldest enterprises of its kind worldwide. Thanks to constant company growth the crocodile farm succeeded in securing its position in the global crocodile skin supply chain. Our team consists of management, general staff, veterinarians, researchers, and dietitians, to support the business in order to achieve a well-balanced diet, optimum hygiene and health care for the breeding of Nile crocodiles.

Izintaba Crocodile Abattoir

One of only three export-certified (EU) crocodile abattoirs in Africa, this structure has been purpose-built and kept in a very well maintained condition. The abattoir is graded for “high through-put” and includes freezing & cold room facilities and segmented areas for the hygienic slaughter of the animals. In order to ensure safe meat products and exceptional quality, we recognized the need to implement a Hygiene Management System - HACCP to manage and document our abattoir Activities. 

Nile Crocodile Skins 

IZINTABA’S skins are well sought after due to their texture, durability, and quality. We cut Bellies, Hornback and Backstrips in sizes requested by our long-standing customers. IZINTABA runs the first crocodile abattoir in South Africa which complies with the regulations appertaining to the unrestricted export of crocodile products. To safeguard quality, all relevant data are collected, recorded and analyzed. Personnel is subject to regular, strict health controls. Continual veterinary surveillance of the animal for slaughter is obligatory.

Nile Crocodile Meat

Crocodile meat is pale and tender with a characteristic, mild taste of its own. The superb meat quality is a result of many years of IZINTABA‘s own research on feeding technology. Products from Izintaba are guaranteed farm products, subject to continual, strict, expert, quality control, from the breeder animal right through to the final product.

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